Our Data Science Playbook

We’ve spent the better part of the last decade helping companies build data science capabilities from the ground up, and we’d love to give you our playbook. If your company is like most, you’ve got an enormous amount of data, and you’re looking for ways to leverage it to unlock value. After helping some of America’s largest companies build their data science and AI strategies, we’ve compiled our notes and compressed them into a three-day, intensive workshop to get your team in the game.

Extensive Experience

Our team of experts have decades of combined experience building cutting-edge machine and deep-learning models, and deploying them at scale. Let us share our experiences (and battle wounds!) and get your team off to a quick start.

Actionable Results

As a result of this three-day workshop, you can expect to walk away with three immediately executable projects that are prioritized to be strategic, vetted to be feasible, and assured to be impactful.

After years of experience, we’ve seen many of the same challenges over and over again. To help you get started, StrategyWise would like to send you a free whitepaper titled “6 Tips for Building your First Data Science Strategy”.

In This Workshop, We Help You:

Identify the world of possible projects

Prioritize projects based on a wide range of factors

Assess your data quality for usability

Create a checklist of data you should be capturing that you’re not

Assess your technology stack for readiness

Ensure you have “boots-on-the-ground” support for your project’s implementation

Get ahead of change management and the “soft” challenges of implementing AI

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