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Often the key to successful production of any data science project is the data movement and manipulation practices around model inputs. After all, before the model can run or train, it must have the source data easily accessible and readable.

At StrategyWise, we spend a lot of time working with data sets from different origin systems and databases, combining these disparate inputs into one common data source for our models. In production, we are constantly pulling in fresh data and prepping it to be run through a modeling pipeline. This can become quite problematic when dealing with large data sets that contain quickly changing data. However, Microsoft has helped us solve that problem. Azure Data Factory on Microsoft’s cloud platform helps organizations overcome these types of data manipulation and ingression problems.

Azure Data Factory

Within Azure Data Factory, you can setup pipelines that dictate the flow of data from different sources, landing that data into various destination sinks. It comes with a wide range of data source connectors and gives users the ability to code their own via Azure Functions or Docker containers (ACI) instances. Once the source data is picked up, ETL-based actions can be performed before parking that transformed set into a holding sink. This allows StrategyWise to setup and monitor a wide host of Data Factory pipelines for our various clients and projects, all using the same tool! Not to mention, having one interface that is scriptable and reportable makes handling even our most complicated ETLs a breeze, which is a fantastic boon for our productivity.

StrategyWise Can Help

In short, if your company struggles with complex and overbearing ETL based tasks, check out Azure Data Factory. Furthermore, if you aren’t sure where to get started, reach out to us. Schedule an in-person demo to show just how fantastic it is! We love solving data-related tasks for our clients and we’d love a chance to help you and your team.

Also, the StrategyWise team will be attending the Microsoft Inspire Conference this year from July 14th – 18th. If you will be in attendance, we’d love discuss how we can help bring the latest in data analytics, data engineering, machine learning, and AI powered by Microsoft Azure to your products and offerings. Please email us and we’ll schedule some time to talk!

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