A Great Way to Start Exploring Azure’s Data Science Tools


As the IT Director for a Data Science Consulting firm, one of my main responsibilities is staying up to date on tools within the analytics space. A host of locally installed languages, packages, IDEs, and libraries adorn our analysts’ personal tool belts. Similarly, a medley of different ecosystems jockey for the position of THE data science platform that companies should hang their hats (and potentially huge IT budgets) on. Keeping up with all these different products and platforms is indeed a huge part of my function at StrategyWise.

About Azure DataBricks


Born out of Berkley’s AMPLab, DataBricks is a web GUI front-end that runs on top of a Spark cluster, allowing you to write and execute code in Juypter-like notebooks. Pairing usability with a powerful Spark backend is the real magic. Spark is an extremely powerful clustering technology but is notoriously difficult to get started on, and DataBricks spans that gap for teams by using a familiar Juypter-like interface.

Microsoft recognized the power of the platform and quickly partnered with DataBricks to introduce their own Azure-hosted version in 2018. Azure DataBricks  is a full version of the platform that is deployed on Azure via their web GUI or CLI and comes with all the power of traditional DataBricks but without any of the hassle associated with the installation and management of the underlying Spark cluster. It’s this simplicity that I often cite when suggesting this product to our clients. Internally, we use DataBricks in many of our workflows, and it is particularly good at heavy hitting ETL workloads.

With its quick setup, deep Azure integration, and powerful Spark backend, Azure DataBricks is a fantastic tool to start exploring and building data science capabilities into your products and services.  With our Microsoft Gold Partnerships in Data and Analytics, on the Azure platform, StrategyWise is uniquely qualified to help your team get started! Interested? Drop us a line here!

Additionally, the StrategyWise team will be attending the Microsoft Inspire Conference this year from July 14th -18th! If you will be in attendance, We’d love to meet and discuss how we can help bring the latest in data analytics, machine learning, and AI powered by Microsoft Azure to your products and offerings. Please email us and we’ll schedule some time to talk.

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About Microsoft Gold Partnerships

Awarded by Microsoft to the top 1% of providers worldwide. By demonstrating best-in-class competency in data science and AI solutions, StrategyWise has earned significant recognition in the industry.