The utility industry is at a crossroads, where everyone is facing a common set of questions:

How should capital be allocated between areas?

What improvements are best positioned to reduce SAIDI and SAIFI?

What areas have the largest O&M exposure?

How can we address dramatic increases in Vegetation Management costs?

How can we limit potential rate increases for customers?

These questions cannot be answered in isolation and instead benefit from the power of artificial intelligence to process terabytes of data and help assess what areas will most benefit the utilities and its customers. Using the algorithms at the heart of GridInform, StrategyWise can help companies move from asking “which projects should I fund and where” and move informed decision making on where their capital budgets will have the greatest impact.

GridInform automatically synthesizes data needed for these decisions from disparate sources like vegetation management, outage information, financial information, and allocations of routine maintenance, to build a view of the O&M costs and operational performance of individual feeders/substations. Through this, GridInform allows users to see prioritization recommendations in real time around which systems to upgrade, as well as their associated projected capital impacts.


Historically, utilities have asked two questions in decisions on capital deployment:

  1. How should we spend the capital?
  2. Where should we spend the capital?

StrategyWise’s GridInform allows energy utilities and power distribution teams to move away from asking the first question and use a decision engine focused on where capital dollars can have an disproportionate impact on improving the entire network (the second question) through all relevant metrics. Meaning, instead of $10M for copper wire replacement, $6M for dropout reclosers, and $20M for undergrounding, GridInform will enable the sum ($36M) to be spent where it will have the greatest impact across all of those programs in concert – “the where” – and allow field engineers to make decisions on “the how.”


Tabulating and prioritizing data is not enough in today’s decision making environment – it is critical that utilities be able to communicate across their organizations how operations and maintenance dollars are being spent and how they compare historically. StrategyWise’s GridInform includes a full suite of custom visualizations to aide in understanding this data and can be tailored to specific businesses and geographies.


Many utilities are focused on moving from scheduled maintenance to condition-based maintenance as pressure to reduce O&M mounts. This is a critical step, but still requires immediate action when alarms are registering within equipment or conditions indicate probable failure.

GridInform is built with the capability to leverage machine learning algorithms in accessing data for predicting when devices require maintenance months before failure conditions would be detected in CBM. With this information, you can schedule maintenance based on when service personnel are in an area or available, not when an alarm is sounding for a likely failure condition.

“StrategyWise has brought data analytics expertise to Alabama Power Delivery in a way that we could not realize internally. This partnership has driven out new observations on core business and pushed innovative solutions to both new and existing problems.”

Shane Powell, Alabama Power

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