StrategyWise helps companies manage complex challenges around fleets, deliveries, and countless other puzzles by providing AI-driven tools that support route optimization. The world is changing, and everything around us creates a digital footprint – from cars to phones to RFID tags. Yet, globally, only 5% of data is being used in a meaningful way. Companies around the world are increasingly converting their data from “dark data” to highly impactful, game-changing insights. In our routing and logistics practice, we help companies better optimize routing, paths, and motion of anything and everything that matters for enterprise success – whether that’s cars in a restaurant drive-thru or delivery trucks criss-crossing the country. No matter where you are in your big data journey, we can help you optimize your fleet, operational paths, or entire customer journey using the latest in AI and big data technologies to capture data, build machine learning algorithms, and generate route optimization formulas that streamline the entire value chain.


Fleet Management
• Driver Safety, Efficiency, Compliance
• Vehicle Predictive Maintenance
• Vehicle Cost & Replacement

Supply Chain
• Real-time Supply Chain 360
• Risk Detection
• Next Best Route
• Inventory Replenishment

• On-spec Delivery
• Route Optimization
• Driver to Order Matching
• Order Recommendation (to reduce redeliveries)
• Profit Forecasting

• Throughput Optimization
• What-if Simulations


Knowledge Mining
• Structured/Unstructured Big Data Integration
• Graph Machine Learning
• Natural Language Processing
• Computer Vision
• Conversational Bots

Signal Processing
• Deep Learning Forecasting
• Anomaly Detection

Recommendation Engines
• Content Filtering
• Collaborative Filtering
• Matrix Factorization

Reinforcement Learning
• A3C
• Contextual Bandits

“These projections will impact very important decisions around remodels and [StrategyWise] has done a great job helping us think through and create forecasts that we feel good about.  We had lots of back and forth, adjustments, and so forth, but [your team] exemplified a great attitude and willingness to work through it.  While the quality of the work is great, [your team’s] attitude about everything is what really stood out to me.”

Project Lead, National Quick Service Restaurant – speaking to StrategyWise’s work building route simulations

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