Consulting Consortium

The Consulting Consortium is a unique collaboration of award-winning boutique Consulting firms working to maximize value and accelerate success for our members and clients. We achieve success through collaborating in an increasingly competitive and saturated industry, creating opportunities to leverage shared assets so that we can focus on what we do best – client service. As members of the Consortium, we are able to provide big firm capabilities with the flexibility and know-how of small firm proficiency.


GraphAware is a provider of Neo4j consulting, the Hume software platform, open-source and bespoke software development for Neo4j. The Hume platform is an NLP-focused, Graph-Powered Insights Engine.


Acxiom enables better customer experiences through the ethical use of data and technology. Today, more data, devices, technology, regulation and higher expectations means there are more opportunities to get it right, but also more challenges. Acxiom can help.

We do this by combining, data, technology, ethics and ideas to create foundations you can build a customer-centric business on. A data central nervous system that allows you to treat people as people, as they’d expect to be treated.


Better Communities through Better Infrastructure
Alden Systems serves the quiet heroes of our society – the people that power, connect, and inform the world. We work with electric utilities, communications, and broadband providers. We bring together the infrastructure community by bridging gaps between departments and between companies in asset and activity management. Alden offers software and services for joint use and utility professionals that automate business processes, enabling data-driven decisions.