StrategyWise to Attend the 2019 Microsoft Inspire Conference


As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Data & Analytics, the Inspire Conference is an annual highlight for the team at StrategyWise, and we’re looking forward to connecting with other attendees interested in partnering on Azure-based data science projects.

At StrategyWise, we help clients use data to thrive. Subsequently, we work everyday to bring data science-based projects and solutions, powered by Microsoft Azure, to our clients.

We have found that the flexibility of the Azure cloud provides the perfect foundation for new organizations to start using data science. Additionally, we’ve found great success in helping other partners within the MPN supercharge their products and offerings by embedding Azure-powered machine learning and artificial intelligence. Engaging with the Microsoft Partner Network will continue to be a focus for us.

Drop us a line at: if you are interested in bringing Azure ML and AI to your products and services!

StrategyWise and the “Digital Revolution”

We’re currently in one of the most interesting parts of the “digital revolution.”

The amount of data and computation available is astounding compared to the meager resources available even ten years ago. Additionally, the cost of storage has continued to drop. Most businesses can afford to store even the smallest bits of data indefinitely. No business is too small to utilize these resources.

Hidden within these vast data stores are nuggets of insight. They have the potential to radically transform entire industries. This has led to the rapid growth in the field of data science. Unquestionably, this trend will continue over the next two decades as businesses continue to embark on their digital transformation journeys.

However, because of the complexities of the discipline, many organizations struggle to successfully launch a data science department. Microsoft, aware of this challenge, has put together partner competencies that help Microsoft Partner Network members use their suite of data science tools. The tools available on the Azure cloud platform supercharge the ability to use data science solutions to address real-world problems.Microsoft Gold Partner in Data Science


About Microsoft Gold Partnerships: Awarded by Microsoft to the top 1% of providers worldwide. By demonstrating best-in-class competency in data science and AI solutions, StrategyWise has earned significant recognition in the industry.