Bright Wolf, an industrial IoT system integrator and digital transformation leader, and StrategyWise, an AI and data science consulting firm, announced today a strategic partnership for providing edge to cloud industrial data solutions to global enterprises on Microsoft Azure.


Together, Bright Wolf and StrategyWise enable organizations to optimize operations and increase revenue across manufacturing, energy, supply chain, and other sectors. With flexible services ranging from industrial asset connectivity, enterprise data integration, and mobile application development to award-winning data science and insight engines, Bright Wolf and StrategyWise create a formidable competitive advantage for their shared customers in an increasingly connected world.

With deep roots at the industrial edge, Bright Wolf understands the “real world” of protocols, PLCs, and embedded systems – as well as the digital enterprise environment of CRMs, ERPs, secure data management, and Microsoft Azure services. “Many industrial organizations don’t yet have the capabilities to take advantage of the opportunities created by new digital technologies. They’re looking for ways to move faster and get ahead of competitors, but they don’t want to lose control of their data or business priorities to “as-a-service” IoT platform vendors,” said Bright Wolf CEO Peter Bourne. “Our customizable platform accelerators and edge to cloud integration support provides our customers with a guided path for building their own systems of intelligence on Azure.”

StrategyWise helps Fortune 1000 companies build data science strategies and deploy advanced analytics teams and capabilities. “At the heart of our engagements are machine learning models, visualizations, and AI tools that help companies optimize their operations,” explained StrategyWise CEO Joshua Jones. “Once we’ve established the organizational strategy around how best to leverage data, our data science and data engineering teams work together to build custom solutions on Microsoft Azure. Once deployed, often as an API endpoint, the results are monitored and iterated upon to produce highly personalized models that drive operating efficiency.”

Tony Shakib, IoT Business Acceleration Leader, Azure IoT, Microsoft said, “Business partnerships are critical to successful IoT deployments. I am pleased that Bright Wolf and StrategyWise have joined forces to provide end-to-end industrial IoT and data analytics solutions for manufacturers built on the Microsoft Azure IoT platform and benefitting from the latest Azure AI technologies.”

This strategic partnership creates a tremendous resource for companies seeking to maximize the impact of data on their operations. Incorporating the latest Azure IoT, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure AI technologies, Bright Wolf and StrategyWise provide a practical approach for connecting industrial equipment and business systems, and harnessing data to achieve transformative results.